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Mission Catastrophe Deluxe Game with Expansion

Mission Catastrophe Deluxe Game with Expansion

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The ship is doomed, but you aren't phased. Set a course for MAXIMUM DANGER and buckle up in style. Complete with bonus crew members, asimo-v personal robots, special modules (and a towel?), this is the fullest experience you can have this side of the vacuum of space.

Mission Catastrophe (Deluxe Edition) PLUS Maximum Danger expansion is for 1-6 alien crew and is packed with 8 colorful minis, Game Trayz (including a unique asteroid dice roller and robot docking station!), dual-layered modular boards and all of the stretch goals from Kickstarter! The customizable ship layout includes 12 more modules including versatile corridors, double the unique roles (72 total playable abilities), new scenarios, characters and more. Mission Catastrophe has so many modes and difficulty levels for a different experience racing to an escape pod every time. Competitive, cooperative, team and solo play in the box! Good luck - wear your spacesuit!

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